REGISTRATION NUMBER:  2019/358319/07


We confirm that the above company was liquidated on the 12th of January 2021 in the High Court of South Africa, Gauteng Division under case number:  498/2021.  The application for the winding up of the company was launched by Robert Kenneth Fletcher, Candice Fletcher and Marcelle Christine Beech.  WJ Venter, KA Van Niekerk & K van Niekerk were appointed as co-Provisional Liquidators. 

Mr WJ Venter of Icon Insolvency Practitioners (Pty) Ltd, in collaboration with Ms RS Du Toit, will be dealing with the day-to-day administration of this estate.

Creditors Registration


We specialise in the Administration of Insolvent Estates, Liquidations, Liquidation of Close Corporations and Companies at CIPC, as well as administration of NPA matters.

We have extensive experience in the trading of companies in liquidation, in lieu of saving jobs and disposing of companies as going concerns. Our professionals take appointments in various statutes and we also have experience in implementing schemes of arrangement in terms of Section 155 of the Companies Act 2008.

Icon Insolvency Practitioners (Pty) Ltd is acknowledged as a leader in the fields of insolvencies, liquidations and the administration of estates.

The role of the liquidator in the insolvency process is primarily designed to ensure a fair distribution of an insolvent company’s assets for the benefit of it’s creditors.  Maximising the return for creditors is the liquidator’s prime responsibility.  As part of this duty, we request all investors/creditors to register as creditors on the home page.