Frequently asked questions and answers

The liquidators do not at this point in time foresee any danger of contribution, nor do we foresee any additional costs associated with the submission of a claim.
Should any dividend be paid from the Insolvent Estate, same will be done in Rands and not in Bitcoin.
Once a claim was submitted there at least exists a possibility of recovering some or maybe even all of the amount claimed, if said claim is accepted as a valid claim. If no form is submitted the creditor will most certainly not receive any return on the investment.
This will be investigated by the liquidators, but there is no such evidence at the moment.
There is currently no evidence that Finalmente operated as a ponzi-scheme, but this possibility will be investigated by the liquidators.
Your claim amount is calculated by using the day price of Bitcoin on the date of liquidation, being 12 January 2021, and converting your amount of Bitcoin held by Finalmente on that day to ZAR/Rands.
The liquidators will provide a monthly progress report on the administration of the estate and any new developments therein.
The First Meeting of Creditors is a statutory meeting which inter alia includes the proof of claims. Convening the First Meeting of Creditors is a function of the Master of the High Court and are we awaiting on the Master of the High Court to convene the First Meeting of Creditors. To be recognised as a creditor in any insolvent estate, a creditor must proof his/her/its claim at any of the statutory meetings of creditors. It is suggested that you forward your duly completed, signed, and commissioned claim documents to our offices, where the claim will be perused by the liquidators prior to submission thereof. We will endeavour to assist creditors as to the correctness of their claims.